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Recently, I heard someone say “health insurance is for people with big medical bills.” I was struck by this, because health insurance for those of us who are healthy costs nothing, yet when we get sick, we run up a huge bill. After thinking about this, I decided to write about my own health insurance experience. I wanted to know, why is health insurance so expensive? *A note to the quack medical community: my diagnosis was confirmed with a trip to the doctor. I was referred to a specialist who immediately found the problem and fixed it (in short, i have a rectocele tear in my rectum that has caused me great pain and has made normal bathroom activities very painful).

What is health insurance?

A health insurance plan is a package of treatments that a patient is entitled to get. If a patient does not get those treatments in a health insurance plan, it means he has to pay the medical bill for the health care he needs. It can be a huge financial burden. What is health insurance coverage? Any health insurance cover gives the consumer access to services of a specific medical facility, such as hospital, pathology laboratory, diagnostic laboratory, physiotherapy and so on. Health insurance coverage also protects a consumer in the case of the deterioration of his health. It can ensure that he has enough financial resources to recover from his illness. What is health insurance value-added services? Health insurance covers usually have a value-added services clause.

Types of health insurance

UHC involves sub-acute care facilities, community health centers, and skilled nursing facilities. lifetime health coverage The program covers preventive services, emergency and preventative services, and pre-hospital emergency services. Medicare The U.S. government-run health insurance program is a defined benefit plan. You can get covered by a private insurance carrier. If you are a dual-eligible citizen (United States and at least one country in the European Union) then you can choose to join the government health insurance program. Advantages of health insurance Assured access to health care i nsurance means you can go to the doctor or hospital anytime you want. High-quality care and efficiency Vote for your favourite? Vote for your favourite here.

Health insurance coverage

"Reasonable access to affordable health care is a key component to improving the health and well-being of our nation. Unfortunately, in today's Washington, D.C., health insurance coverage is at the center of partisan bickering rather than bipartisan cooperation and constructive progress. Unfortunately, this plays out in Washington as well as in health insurance companies' decision-making on the health insurance marketplace. … Health insurance coverage Despite the many issues that are at stake, these decisions are not between Democrats and Republicans.

Health insurance coverage for small businesses

In a report published earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimated that there are almost 22 million small businesses with a sole proprietorship or a partnership in the U.S. The study found that there were about 150 million businesses in the U.S., and this represents about 87 percent of private business firms. The HHS report also estimates that about half of small businesses in the U.S. will have employees in the next year. Among the estimated 22 million businesses, the report estimates that there are almost eight million sole proprietorships and 5.7 million partnerships. According to the Centers for Disease Control, you must have health insurance to provide health benefits to your employees.


“How I lost insurance from my small business,” Google’s co-founder wrote recently in a blog post, sharing a personal experience of the challenges that he and other health care entrepreneurs face. Flexible work arrangements and telecommuting have been touted as ways to make it possible for employers to offer health care benefits and to better address health care costs. And Google has been among the companies that have made similar moves. But increasingly, companies are turning to high-deductible plans to save money on premiums, forgoing additional coverage for family members and forgo broader coverage for employees at large. And many employers — particularly small businesses — are not offering health care benefits at all.


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